Our Team - Carolyn and JIm Young


Since my husband Jim & I began our Tampa ITEX Trade Exchange franchise in 2002, we have brokered over $44 MILLION dollars' worth of business transactions between our local members. Our Tampa office has grown to 6 professionals with over 65 years of experience collectively in the trade industry. The one thing that has made our office so successful is that we get up every day loving what we do.. serving our members. We truly feel blessed to have become an ITEX Franchisee owner. In just over the decade we've been in ITEX, we have served as Board of Directors for the ITEX Broker Association; earned the prestigious Broker of the Year Award twice and accumulated multiple Circle of Excellence awards which are given by meeting very high standards regarding the servicing of our ITEX members. Carolyn and I are now very excited as we are on a five year plan to grow 5 additional franchises thru the mentoring program here in the Tampa Bay area to vastly increase your Tampa Bay member base. We currently have our first two mentorees working to expand Pinellas County. If you or someone you know that has a strong entrepreneurial background and would like to own an ITEX franchise, call Jim Young @ 813.763.7004. As one of our CFO client described ITEX........"TRADE IS SIMPLY A SMART, FINANCIAL, BUSINESS TOOL"

(813) 759-9122