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In the years since my wife Carolyn & I began our Tampa Bay ITEX Trade Exchange franchise in 2002, our ITEX of Tampa Bay franchise has brokered over $70 MILLION dollars worth of business transactions between our local Tampa Bay members. With the added ITEX revenue or "trade dollar credits" that our office has brought to our local businesses from the national network of 19,000 businesses across Tampa Bay and throughout the country, many have purchased additional advertising to bring in new cash customers, others have used the ITEX revenue to pay for creative ideas they never had the cash dollars to spend, and then others use them for capital expenditure items using their ITEX dollars instead of cash profits.  As a side note, which makes my wife & I smile, many of our clients have also used some of these extra trade dollar credits to enhance their family's life with the purchase of personal expenditures they could never afford to pay for from their business cash flow. To the business owner, cash flow is so important and with the use of these extra trade dollars on some of their expenditures, it frees up more of their cash for the important things like rents, payroll, taxes, overhead, utilities, etc.  Often times in business, the business owner's family lacks the extra dollars for vacations, things around the home & even personal things like dental, optical services, vacations, etc. Our businesses have been able to improve their company's net profits using ITEX as a smart, financial, business tool.

As one of the 50 plus franchisees of the largest trade exchange in America, ITEX of Tampa Bay supports business owners by generating additional sales & revenue. Instead of buying products & services with your precious cash flow, you use the ITEX trade dollar credits which my Broker office raises for you by exchanging "your" products and services to our other ITEX members for ITEX trade dollar credits. These trade dollar credits go in your ITEX checking account so you can turn around and use to make expenditures. You then save money on your expenditures by being able to buy at the"wholesale" cost of your own products & services. This can be 15 to 25 to 40 cents on the dollar which is much better than 100 cents on the dollar from cash profits.

The ITEX Marketplace is a network of businesses that offers to fellow business members the opportunity to buy from each other a wide variety of products and services around the United States without having to pay cash for them. We exchange your some of your "unsold" inventory or "unfilled" appointment calendar times for ITEX trade dollars which you will then use to make your needed purchases. As one business owner described us,...."it's almost like you're giving me a credit card to make purchases that I can then work off at anywhere from 15 to 50 cents on the dollar"


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